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About Us

Oh, hello there. Excuse us while we dig ourselves out from under this huge pile of debt to tell you a little more about us.

Aloha! We are Kimmy and Drew. We are currently residing in Portland, OR, while we finish paying off our debt. As soon as we do, we are out of here! We are going after our dream to travel the world and live in paradise.

AterGlobe About Us

You see for as long as we’ve been together, we’ve had the dream to travel together. We are constantly adding to our list of places we want to go. It seems to grow every day.

At the end of 2012, we took a good hard look at our lives and realized we were no longer living or working towards the life of our dreams. Instead we were living the American Dream of too much debt, not enough time and always being exhausted. In an effort to get back on track towards our dreams, we devised a plan to abstain from spending, only purchasing what was truly needed, no longer use our credit cards, and get out of debt. As quickly as we possibly could. Once out of debt, our plan will move to the next stage to continue to withhold from spending while saving every penny we can to fulfill our dream of traveling the world together.

We want to road trip through the States, island hop through the Polynesian Islands and backpack through Asia, India, Africa, Europe, the UK, Central America, and South America. In other words, we pretty much have everywhere on our list.

We talked about all the traveling we’d do when we retired- When we didn’t have so many bills and more time. We talked about moving to Hawaii, some day- a place we love and travel to, again and again. We love Hawaii so much, we were even married on the beautiful island of Maui. Even though we talked about all of these places we wanted to travel to and we did a fair share of travel for Americans it slowly started to feel like our some day would never come.


Traveling has always been an important part of our lives. There have been many times we’ve sacrificed something else, in order to be able to travel instead. Together, we’ve been up and down the West Coast, throughout the Southwest, island hopped through the Hawaiian Islands. We know, there’s still so much more of this great big world for us to see!

For as long as we can both recall, we have had a strong desire to travel. Not just go on a weeklong vacation that always leaves us feeling sad to come home, but long term travel to foreign lands to learn about new cultures and fully immerse ourselves in their traditions, people, and food. Only to move on to the next destination we want to learn from when we are ready for our next globe-trotting experience.

In fact, travel is so critical to our lives, we aren’t willing to give it up while working towards getting out of debt. Instead, we are discovering new ways to travel that costs us less, but satisfies our travel craving. We are also going through everything we own, getting ready to sell most of our belongings. We are living a whole new life of  finding new ways to cut our expenses, hustling side gigs, finishing our house to sell, and starting our own business through AfterGlobe. We haven’t even left to live out our big dream and already it’s changing our lives!

AterGlobe About Us

We may not be able to pack our bags, quit our jobs, and set off for international travel today, but we will still get to have new and invigorating travel adventures while obtaining a debt free life. Plenty of adventures will be had during this time, as we visit all of the places we’ve never been to in the Pacific NW and continue our trips to Hawaii.

As we become debt free and go after our dreams, we hope to inspire others to do the same through sharing our story with all of you. We invite you along to follow our journey on AfterGlobe while encouraging you to conquer whatever is holding you back to go after your own dreams. This is our story of how we got out of debt and finally went after our dreams to see the world. We hope you will join us.


Kimmy & Drew

AfterGlobe sharing drinks at Forbidden Island

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All photography by Sara Sanger © 2012.