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Posted on Sep 22, 2013 | 6 comments

A Day in Lincoln City Oregon

A Day in Lincoln City Oregon

Last month we headed out to spend a day in Lincoln City Oregon. As we drove the easy and scenic 2 hours from Portland through the Coastal Mountain Range, the weather didn’t look too hopeful. Luckily, as we arrived in Lincoln City, the clouds parted and the sun came out making for a perfect day at the beach. The tide was very low when we arrived to the Taft District of Lincoln city allowing us to walk a stretch of Taft Beach that we’d never been able to walk before on our previous visits. We watched harbor seals, sea lions, and pelicans, while looking for the best spot on the beach. We walked until we found a nice spot on the beach to set up for the day to set up blankets, a picnic, and a bonfire.

Day in Lincoln City Oregon

On a previous visit to Lincoln City Oregon.

History of Lincoln City

In 1964, after one failed attempt earlier in the year, all of the small towns, Oceanlake, Delake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City, along the Oregon Coast’s Miracle Miles, voted to consolidate into one city by a margin of only three votes. Before that all of the towns operated independently, competing with each other to attract tourists and increase business to their little coastal communities through events like Taft’s Redhead Roundup beauty pageant. Once consolidated, a mayor was elected, city council and budget established, and the new city became official on March 3, 1965. (One day before Kimmy’s birthday!) The hardest part of this consolidation proved to be agreeing on a name for the new city. Residents were opposed to any name that had already been that of one of the existing towns. A committee was formed to face the problem head-on and a contest was created asking residents and school children for submissions. The two most popular names submitted where Lincoln City and Surfland. Although, Surfland was the preferred name by voters, the committee members found the name to be too kitch and in the end selected Lincoln City to name this new city. I have to say, Drew and I both prefer Surfland to Lincoln City and wish the popular vote would have been selected.

Day in Lincoln City Oregon

Taft District of Lincoln City is our favorite place to spend time in the beach city.

Taft District

Even though Lincoln City is now all of these towns incorporated, everyone still has their favorite district to visit. Ours being the Taft District. When spending a day in Lincoln City, we almost always stay solely in Taft. When coming to Taft Beach a picnic is a great way to spend a couple hours there. We picked up lunch boxes from Cheese and Crack in Portland and added additional goodies from Trader Joe’s to please everyone’s palette. We also set up a soda and bitters bar to add a touch of elegance to our picnic while keeping us refreshed while out in the sun all day. Next to our spot there were many rose bushes bursting with rose hips that we picked to make preserves with at a later date.

When needing a break from being on the beach, we always stop in Tiki’s at 51st. Tiki’s is a fun beach shack, walk-up restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. Tiki’s big attraction is their outdoor porch, where it’s nice to stop to watch the world go by while enjoying a drink, bite to eat, or having a chat with their resident macaw, Gypsy.

When our day starts to wind down and we are ready for dinner, we always head to Momiji Gourmet Japanese & Chinese Restaurant. They have many specials deals going on to make it light on the pocketbook. Both the service and food are well put together. We always order a Salem Roll and are so hungry by the time it gets to us, we dive in before we get a chance to even think about taking a picture. A day at the beach will do that to you.

Have you ever spent a day in Lincoln City Oregon?

All photography by Kimmy Hayes © 2013.

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  1. I have yet to visit Oregon and your post is another reminder as to why. I could see myself enjoying a lunch on the beach like that! Seems like a lot of fun.

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