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Posted on Sep 7, 2013 | 0 comments

DIY Hawaii Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

DIY Hawaii Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

When guests travel for your destination wedding, it’s a nice gesture to greet them with a welcome bag, also known as an out of town bag, full of gifts and supplies they can use during their visit. The welcome bags can have just about anything in them from food to helpful information to first aid supplies. No matter what you decide to put in your destination wedding welcome bags, they will be greatly appreciated by all of your wedding guests.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Our welcome bags we gave to our wedding guests. Photo by Sara Sanger.

With our destination wedding being in Hawaii, we wanted the welcome bags we gave to our guests to be influenced by the Hawaiian islands. We choice snacks, treats, and drinks from Hawaii, as well as supplies that any traveler would find helpful.

We started off our welcome bags by purchasing lauhala bags. Lauhala is a kind of grass matting popular in Hawaii. The bags come in all different sizes to meet a variety of contents. They are perfect for a Hawaii wedding.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Everything laid out to put into the welcome bags.

Inside the Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

  • A welcome note with itinerary made to look like the old letter travel agencies use to send out
  • Wedding week brochure with a wedding week timeline, information on where to eat in town, and other helpful Maui information
  • Tiki and plumeria shaped soaps
  • First aid kits
  • Pens with our wedding logo
  • Pads of paper
  • Hula girl luggage tags
  • Travel candles
  • Local snacks, candy, and drinks
  • Bottle openers
  • Bundles of important information
  • Retro postcard packets with stamps and pencils
  • Little bottle of Hawaiian sea salt
Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Little bags of Hawaiian candy.

Local Hawaiian candies

We picked up an assortment of Hawaiian candies when we were vising Maui for our wedding planning trip in the flavors of lychee, Kona coffee, pineapple, and mango. We divided up the candies and put them in little glassine bags with stickers of our wedding logo on them. Each bag was folded over and stapled shut. A little bag of local Hawaiian candy was put into each destination wedding welcome bag.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Bundles of important information.

Bundles of Important Information

In these bundles we provided Maui wedding maps, information that was needed for the day of the wedding, directions to our venue, and information on how to pronounce Hawaiian words that were helpful to know while on Maui. We bundled up all three cards, tied them with baker’s twine, and put them in the bags as a bundle of helpful information along with a wedding week brochure.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Postcard packets complete with stamps.

Postcard Packets

Keeping with our wedding theme, we picked up retro postcards with vintage Hawaiian graphics on them for our postcard packets. We really loved the way the postcards looked. We had more than one wedding guest comment on how much they liked them.

We got lucky while on Maui when the USPS issued their new aloha shirt postcard stamps. To make sending out the postcard as easy as possible, we put the aloha shirt stamps on the cards before putting them in the packets.

The postcards were put into small jewelry sized zip-lock bags that fit the cards perfectly. Labels were made up for the postcard packets and stapled onto each bag. Each bag got two stamped postcards; one blank and one addressed to us.

On the labels we included the message:

Welcome to Paia! Thank you for coming to our wedding in paradise. While on the island, or when you return home, please send us one of these stamped postcards to tell us about your favorite experience on Maui. An extra postcard is enclosed for you to send to another. Mahalo!

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Putting together first aid kits.

First Aid Kits

Providing first aid kits in your destination wedding welcome bags are a great way to provide guests with items they may need, but probably wouldn’t have with them like a band-aid or antibiotic ointment. Making a list of useful first aid items that you could use while traveling will help you decide what to put in your first aid kits.

In the same way that we put together the postcard packets, we printed up labels for the first aid kits. All of the items for the kits were put in the same kind of bags I used for the postcard packets. Once I had everything in the zip-lock bags that I picked up from a craft store, I placed them inside the labels and staples them on both sides.

I gathered the items for the first aid kits in all kinds of silly ways. I got samples from different stores, went through my own medical supplies, and gathered things from lip balm to glass cleaning clothes from a benefits fair that was held at my place of employment. Anything that had a label on it that I didn’t like, I covered up with a sticker with our wedding logo on it instead.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

All the items inside the first aid kits.

Inside the First Aid Kits

  • Sunscreen
  • 3 different sizes of Band Aids
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Antacid tablets
  • Ibuprofen
  • Anti-itch cream
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Cloth for cleaning glasses
  • Antiseptic wipe
Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Little bottles filled with Hawaiian sea salt.

Bottles of Hawaiian Sea Salt

We used two different kinds of Hawaiian sea salt to put into little bottles for the welcome bags. The salt was poured into the bottles, corked, and tied with bakers twine and a mini luggage tag.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome bags ready to be given to our guests. Photo by Sara Sanger.

Giving Out Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

To make things as easy as possible, we decided to give out the welcome bags at the party we threw to welcome guests to the island of Maui. We didn’t want to have to be chasing our guests around the island trying to track them down or have to pay anyone else to give them out. Knowing we’d have all of our guests at the welcome party, it was the best solution to make sure everyone received their welcome bag.

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

A note was placed with the bags to make sure everyone took their bag with them.

Do you plan to give out destination wedding welcome bags to your wedding guests?

All photography by Kimmy Hayes © 2013, unless otherwise noted.

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